Innovative Electroluminescence Technology Provides High Efficiency Gains in the New Solar Module Production

Automated inspection using state-of-the-art camera and software technologies significantly increases high-quality yield and reduces manufacturing cost in photovoltaic production. Especially electroluminescence (EL) inspection opens up new dimensions to detect damages that are invisible to the human eye. ISRA SOLAR VISION, a worldwide leading supplier of affordable state-of-the-art inspection systems, presents a new generation EL inspection for solar modules. The groundbreaking technology provides the industry’s fastest electroluminescence inspection with the most accurate defect classification resulting in the lowest false detection and false downgrading rates. Solar manufacturers benefit from the application of the new SOLARSCAN-YIELDMASTER EL inspection through a reduced production of defective or underperforming cells and modules. This leads to a three percent increase in maximum-quality yield and remarkable cost savings through less material loss. This way, the innovative inspection technologies support the PV industry in fully exploiting all cost-saving and efficiency-raising potentials.


ISRA SOLAR VISION’s new generation of high-speed in-line YIELDMASTER EL-Module inspection systems is able to detect and classify a large spectrum of attributes including visible and invisible cracks, shunts, dark and in-active cells, scratches, broken pieces,

pollution, material defects and soldering defects on solar modules. In addition, the system provides the characterization of cells and modules in industrial mass production with unrivaled detection rates and repeatability. Solar module manufacturer benefit from this revolutionary technology as it allows the highest reliable distinction between material defects such as dislocations, changes in the material, foreign objects, and process defects (cracks, finger interruptions, low efficiency regions, mechanically broken cells, soldering and contact issues, low efficiency cells etc.).


Making the Invisible Visible at Highest Inspection Speeds

One of the most remarkable improvements of YIELDMASTER EL inspection is the industry’s fastest image processing. Conventional EL systems require long cycle times for image capture and analysis. For the new EL method ISRA SOLAR VISION managed to reduce the imaging time by a factor of eight. The inspection system boosts image acquisition and calculation to an overall triple inspection speed and by that offers the fastest EL inspection systems for solar modules.


Most accurate Defect Classification for a 3% Increase of A-Grade Yield

Another quantum leap in electroluminescence inspection is the industry’s highest measurement accuracy that decreases the false detection rate by a factor of more than six, down to under 0.5 percent.  Due to poor detection rates, EL systems that are currently available on the market waste too much material. However, SOLARSCAN-YIELDMASTER EL-Module discriminates electrical defects from non-critical optical effects resulting in significantly less false downgrading of immaculate solar modules. This way, the new inspection technology.

enables solar module manufacturers to boost A-grade yield by up to three percent. This revolutionary innovation opens up new dimensions to increase production efficiency in terms of reduced manufacturing costs and enhanced product quality. The return on investment can be achieved within less than three months.


Inspection at Highest Speed and Accuracy for Best Quality Si Solar Module Production

The modular architecture of the new electroluminescence system allows the integration into new or existing production lines and fulfills varying inspection requirements for solar cells. Overall YIELDMASTER EL Module inspection increases the yield of A-grade modules by three percent and improves overall yield through triple inspection speed. At the same time material loss is reduced by a factor of six. Thus automated electroluminescence inspection with ISRA SOLAR VISION technologies leads to significant cost savings, increased productivity and eventually to higher customer satisfaction. This way, YIELDMASTER EL Module inspection enables solar manufacturers to achieve higher quality products, lower production losses and altogether results in an increased efficiency in Si solar module production.


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